Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Chicago Teachers Union endorses HR 676

By Lance Cohn

On Wednesday, April 3rd, over 600 members of the Chicago Teachers Union's' House of Delegates by an almost unanmous vote endorsed HR 676; Rep. John Conyer's single payer national health care bill.

Those who spoke for the endorsement pointed out that not only would this bill cover everyone in the Country but would also enable the Union to take health care off the collective bargaining table. It was also mentioned that this bill would help to lower the raising price of health care that Union members are paying despite the fact that they have Health Insurance.

The CTU (AFT loc. 1) presently has over 31,000 members in Chicago and is linked to a 1.5 million "American Federation of Teachers" parent Union which is one of the largest in the Country. They are part of the AFL/CIO.

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