Friday, July 17, 2009

Call your Congressmembers to end the Cuba travel ban

From Latin American Working Group:

On the Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act (HR 874), many congressional representatives from Illinois are still somehow on the fence. Representatives Michael Quigley, Deborah Halvorson, Melissa Bean, Donald Manzullo and Daniel Lipinski say they are looking at the bill, HR 874, the legislation in Congress that would end the travel ban for all Americans. But, they said, the offices need to hear from constituents in order to justify co-sponsoring the bill. That's you!

A couple of phone calls from you to the DC office of your representative (or from your friends and family who live in these districts to whom you forward this alert), and we could possibly have five more co-sponsors in the next few days! Please, take five minutes and call 202.224.3121, the U.S. Capitol Switchboard. Ask to be transferred to your rep's office; then ask to speak to the foreign policy aide. Tell her/him that you are a constituent and that you want to see Representative XXXXXXX co-sponsor the Cuba "travel for all" bill, HR 874, offered by Representatives Delahunt (D-MA), Flake (R-AZ), and co-sponsored by a bipartisan list of 163 members of Congress.

Please ask your friends and neighbors to call! It would be an enormous victory to have these congresspeople from Illinois sign on. Let us know if you make a call. We will follow up with each office next week to keep the pressure on them. You can email me at or call at 202.546.7010.

Thanks for all your help.
Andy Turner
Latin America Working Group

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