Monday, April 5, 2010

University of Illinois - Chicago Grad Employees Set to Strike

The University of Illinois - Chicago Graduate Employees' Organization has been in negotiations with the University since April of last year and GEO members there have been working without a contract since August. At issue are tuition waivers (a traditional benefit of employment for grad employees that makes getting an advanced degree obtainable for gifted working class students) and tuition differentials (special tuition which is assessed in addition to regular tuition for students in certain programs. These differentials can change from year to year with little notice, making financial planning for a student's education exceptionally difficult). The UIC-GEO has voted 84% in favor of calling for a strike as early as April 6th if today's contract negotiations are not fruitful.

Please consider signing their petition at A show of solidarity and support from people across the country can help pressure the University to side in favor of keeping graduate education affordable to working class students.

Check the UIC-GEO's news page for the most recent updates.

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  1. GEO won a contract, tonight. They managed to secure their tuition waivers!