Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A letter to fans of the NFL

Dear NFL Fan:
First off, the players of the National Football League and I want to thank you for doing your part as a fan and signing the Petition to help us Block the NFL Lockout. As you know, the NFL and team owners have planned to impose a lockout of players and fans following the expiration of the CBA on March 3, 2011.

I want to make you aware of a very important online movement happening Tuesday, January 18th that we want you to be a part of. NFL players across the league and fans are participating in a #LETUSPLAY Day, and we want YOU to join us. It will be an opportunity for you to team up with players as we stand together to help prevent the NFL Lockout. Here’s how you can help:

· Tell EVERYONE you can about www.NFLLockout.com and how they can sign the Petition to Block the Lockout

· Donate your Facebook status by posting: “Today is LET US PLAY Day. Help NFL Players and Fans Block the Lockout. Visit NFLLockout.com and sign the Petition.”

· Tweet the following: “Today is #LETUSPLAY Day. Help #NFL Players & Fans #BlocktheLockout. Visit NFLLockout.com and sign the Petition.”

· You can participate in a #LETUSPLAY Chat with me and other players on Facebook and Twitter that day. We will also be responding to fan questions on Ustream and our YouTube page.

In addition, please be sure to follow these social media profiles:



NFL Players Association

Thanks so much for your support and here’s to blocking the NFL Lockout and having NFL games to watch in 2011.


Kevin Mawae
NFLPA President

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