Thursday, June 7, 2012

Latinos Vow to Continue Fighting Anti-Worker, Anti-Immigrant Governorship

Statement by Voces de la Frontera Milwaukee, WI - With Scott Walker's victory in Tuesday's recall election, it is clear that there is greater need than ever for our community to organize. Latinos in Wisconsin have been mobilizing against Scott Walker's reign since before he promised to sign an Arizona-style immigration bill if it were to ever hit his desk. Under his administration, Voces de la Frontera Action has been fighting to stop the attack on public employees’ right to organize in workplace, defend tuition equality for our state’s immigrant students, and halt the dramatic cuts to public education. In a political climate which allows unlimited campaign contribution funds, there is an unquestionable advantage for the candidate who best represents the interests of the wealthy and corporate power. Scott Walker outspent Democratic challenger Tom Barrett by a staggering ratio of 7 to 1. Walker received over 25 million dollars in out of state donations and he used it to dominate the air waves in Wisconsin, and virtually drown out any opposition. The voters and volunteers who organized a historic recall election and secured a narrow Democrat majority in the State Senate, achieved an important step in countering Walker’s destructive and divisive agenda. It was also clear that there was a high level of participation of Latino voters and South Side low-income voters. There is no question that the electoral process is not enough to challenge the anti-democratic influence of corporate America in a political system which is intended to level the playing field and give each person an equal say. Now more than ever, we must build from our organizing base and strengthened alliances to organize in the workplace, in the schools and in the community and work even harder to stop Walker’s continued assault on our working families, teachers, students, and immigrant communities. ###

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