Tuesday, June 25, 2013

228 Bakery Workers Settle Labor Dispute for $200,000

Workers are celebrating the end of an 18-month dispute over severance pay owed to them from their former employer. Lincolnwood-based Rolf's Patisserie closed its doors on December 11, 2011 without giving its workforce advance notice, and issued final paychecks that bounced. 

The workers sought the aid of Arise Chicago, a community-based workers' rights organization, and the law firm of Despres, Schwartz & Geoghegan, Ltd. 

After filing suit in January 2012, the workers were able to recover over $150,000 – the full value of their bounced paychecks – the following month. The workers then advocated for their cause, visiting Lincolnwood Village Hall and prominent Chicago-area religious leaders. 

They also continued to pursue their lawsuit under the WARN Act, which entitles workers to 60 days notice or 60 days compensation before a closing. 

Today, the workers announce their $200,000 settlement of those claims and receive their checks.

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