Monday, December 10, 2007

New Chicago city budget robs working people, again!

By Bill Mackovich

Hold on to your wallets folks here comes the Mayor, hand outstretched asking for a little. A little what? Why money of course! And in front of whom is his hand outstretched? You can be sure it’s not in front of those who have the ability to pay.

All the “revenue enhancements” or to use the dreaded word “taxes” are targeting those with the least ability to pay. Whether they are up front taxes such as property, vehicle or durable good purchases, which cannot be avoided, or the taxes on purchases of choice not necessity, the burden will fall on working people.

Was there ever any thought given to any other source of revenue so as to ease the burden on working families? From what is known of the budget so far, it seems that the answer is no! One source of revenue that would not affect working people could come from a 0.5% tax on all stock and bond transactions but Daley’s financial backers would not be very happy.

So there he is posturing on TV. Emphatically protesting those who dare question his tax increases or the rational for another military academy by expressing his undying love for the people of Chicago.

Was Daley ever on the podium in any of the last four years as our sons and daughters came home in coffins? Was Daley ever on the podium as our Federal government squanders billions on an illegal, immoral and unwinnable war? You want money Mr. Mayor? There’s your money!

Not that you would have necessarily got it, but you could have organized other city mayors and congress people from across the state to show the people of Illinois that you really care for them and their problems. No such thing from you Mr. Mayor, just a lot of rhetoric.

Your actions speak louder than all those platitudes. Mayor Daley’s decision to close the budget shortfall of approximately 200 million dollars by laying it at the feet of working people shows exactly to whom he is beholden. To profess his undying love for the city and its people the mayor will mount the podium every time.

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