Saturday, March 28, 2009

Immigrant workers win against "no match" in Dupage County

Immigrant workers in Dupage County, west of Chicago, won an important victory recently against Steak and Shake restaurant. The company was forced to back down after it fired workers whose social security numbers didn't match. "No match" is a tactic used effectively by corporations to stop union organizing drives and undermine worker rights. But there are also so many problems and errors with the so called social security matches that a substantial number of "no matches" are in fact mistaken.

The fight is being taken to other fast food restaurants in the Chicago area who are firing workers including Pizza Hut, where a demonstration was held last week.

Cristobal Cavazos, a leader of Dupage Immigrant Solidarity reported the following:

"I am happy to report that I received a call from one of the workers
from the Steak and Shake restaurant in Glendale Heights thanking Solidaridad Dupage. He told me that management backed down on their threats of "no match" SSA firings and their jobs have been saved.

After receiving word of the pending firings our group wrote letters to the national headquarters in Indiana, called the restaurant on several occasions and spoke to the Spanish language press. Thanks for attention to issue giving by the Spanish language press like Periodico Hoy and Reflejos in addition the special efforts by 1st District Dupage County Board member Rita Gonzalez.

We can organize Dupage County around immigrant rights and the rights of Latino workers and this victory is only the beginning. The workers gained an understanding of the power of unity, and are anxious to join the group and help build for future events.

Their are many more immigrant workers to organize and many more battles to fight in this county so lets build on this victory toward many more!"


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