Friday, December 18, 2009

Communist Party Proposal for A People’s Budget for Illinois

Illinois Needs a Second
Federal Stimulus Package

There is a hole in the Illinois State budget over $13 billion deep! Billions of dollars of cuts in human services and state jobs have been announced.

These budget cuts must be stopped! We can not balance the budget at the expense of working families.

The Communist Party calls for taxing the rich to plug the hole in the budget. We also call for a Second Federal Stimulus package to create jobs and help States and Cities. The first stimulus package saved jobs but that money is used up.

Budget Cuts Hurt Human Services:

Libraries are cutting hours and services.
Schools are cutting back on after school and key anti-violence programs.
Loss of State MAP grants for college tuition will force many students to quit college.

CTA and Metra are poised for another round of fare hikes and service cutbacks.

Disabled kids are losing services that help them function.
Help for drug abusers is being slashed.
Shelters for battered spouses are being cut or closed down.
Mental health counseling and services provided by state-funded non-profits are taking a big cut.

Thousands of prisoners are being released early from state prisons to save money. That could be a good thing if they get jobs and the counseling they need. But programs to help ex-offenders are being cut. Parole agents are being laid off. Without services, too many ex-offenders will end up back in prison.

Restore the Budget Cuts !

United we can win.

Thousands in Illinois have rallied, lobbied in Springfield, and demonstrated around the State to restore vital human services. They have formed a broad Coalition of parents, public workers’ unions, and advocates for children, consumers, the disabled, older people, the homeless and more. They deserve the support of every one who cares about the people of Illinois.

The Coalition is demanding a big increase in State taxes to stop the budget cuts and save important human services. But who should be taxed?

Tax the Rich!

Working families cannot afford to pay higher taxes. And the rich pay very little State tax in Illinois. The problem is that the Illinois Constitution limits the State Income tax to a flat rate. Minimum wage earners and corporate CEOs now pay the same rate, 3%.

Still there is a way to raise State taxes without raising the tax on families of four that earn under $70,000!

No Tax Increase on incomes under $70,000.

There is a way to raise State income tax from 3% to 5% without raising taxes for families of four earning less than $70,000 a year. Just raise the personal exemption from $2000 to $6,000 per person. Raising the exemption to $10,000 per person would prevent tax increases for families of four earning under $100,000.

Raise Corporate Tax from 4.8% to 9.6%.

Doubling the corporate income tax would bring in about $2 billion more. Closing tax loopholes would bring in much more. These higher tax rates would bring Illinois about $6 billion more. But $13 billion are needed.
The Federal Government must help us get our economy going again!

We Need a Second Federal Stimulus Package.

Many Illinois State jobs were saved by close to $5 billion from the first federal stimulus package, the Emergency& Reconstruction Act. That money has been used up. Illinois is not alone. Most states and cities are in a budget crisis. A second stimulus package, with focus on creating jobs, is urgently needed.

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