Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A horrendous tale - but shared by millions

A letter from a Chicago reader:

Maybe you could add to the horrid stories of human death be it slow or sudden one from me, a Social Worker / Activist from the communities Obama has called home.

My story continues to unfold with the latest chapter being my struggle to NOT BECOME HOMELESS, as I continue to get a job, deal with the lack of health care because the Cook County limit of liability system has stopped functioning leaving me and huge numbers of others having the only alternative to use the emergency room for primary health care.

As I right this message to you I struggle with the challenges of: constant back pain resulting from an auto accident that was not my fault, lack of a primary care physician because the doctors at the community based Cook County system on the south side of Chicago where I currently live refused to treat my condition, needing to pack my entire 57 years of personal and professional life to prepare for my looming housing court date where my attorney says may result in my having to move at the end of the month, my auto insurance companies fighting the payment of the medical bills resulting from their claim the accident was my fault while the documented evidence shows the contrary, the death of two elder family members; one in mid December and the next in mid February. If that is not enough the list goes on!

Imagine a system that can not address the basic needs of those who have attained higher education status, I have a Masters Degree in Social Work and over 15 years experience, without that individual having to become totally destitute.

The emotional and psychological reality of the real life situation I am experiencing is one of trauma and crises.

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