Thursday, January 13, 2011

Call Gov. Quinn - abolish the death penalty!

The Illinois General Assembly has passed SB3539 to repeal the death penalty!. We’re just one signature away from making history as the 16th state without the death penalty!

Please contact Governor Quinn right away to tell him you hope he’ll sign the death penalty repeal bill.

You can leave at a message at one of these numbers below. You can say, "I'm from [city] and I want Gov Quinn to sign the bill to end the death penalty."

Chicago Office - 312-814-2121
Springfield Office - 217-782-0244

Call first, then you can also click here to send him a message online.

For more talking points, click here.

The Governor is getting many calls today, so if your call doesn’t go through or a voicemail box is full – please call back later.

Where is the Governor on the issue?

The Governor has not indicated one way or the other how he’ll handle this bill, so we should be supportive and encouraging for him to take this important step for Illinois.

In the past, Governor Quinn has indicated support for the death penalty, while also express concerns about the problems with the system. You can remind him that regardless of his position on the death penalty, Illinois’ history has made clear the system is broken and our legislators have sent the strong message that the system can’t be fixed. Illinois can no longer afford to keep our costly and error-ridden death penalty.

Spread the word – be sure your friends and family also contact the Governor. He needs to hear from as many of us as possible.

For other ways to contribute to the campaign, contact organizer Liz Moran for ideas and direction and we'll put you to work to end the death penalty. or 312-673-3816.

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