Friday, September 4, 2009

Letter from reader - "don't write off health care reform"

I think that it is too early to write off President Obama's support for the "public option." HR 3200 has a long way to go until the final version is approved and then it needs to go to the Senate. And the President could veto any bill that he considers insufficient.

This conversation reminds me of the discussions that took place during the Presidential election. I am sick and tired of some people on the left waiting to prove that President Obama will sell out to the corporations. It not only shows a lack of confidence in the President but also a lack of confidence in the people who worked hard to elect him. This includes, the African American community, the Latino community and the Labor movement as well as many others.

This attitude also enforces the concept that you can't fight the rich or that you can't achieve any gains under the Capitalist system. Any economist or politician will most likely disagree or they wouldn't have their jobs.

Emphasize the positive; minimize the negative, hit the street's and let the politicians - as well as the President- know about our support for the "public option.": it's good for your health!

In Unity and the Struggle for Change,

Lance Cohn

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