Thursday, September 17, 2009

Performers Break Cuban Blockade with Peace Concert

By Sijisfredo Aviles

Peace lovers of the world are rejoicing while the haters of peace and those who want to promote conflict are fuming. Why this open conflict? It is all due to the fact that the second "Concierto Paz Sin Fronteras" (Peace Without Borders Concert) is scheduled at the Jose Marti Revolution Plaza, Sunday, September 20 to coincide with the United Nations International Day of Peace. Admission is free and open to the public.

Many Latino popular artists are making two major statements with the concert 1) that artists will not longer be cowed by pressures and threats from the right wing anti-Cuban revolution emigrants 2) the concert will serve as a bridge for better understanding in the relations between all Cubans, particularly with the youth” said Colombian rocker Juanes. The Cuban poet Amaury Perez further explains, “The message is that we should be championing peace every single day".

It has become a rally for freedom of artistic expression and the fact that at least 15 artists have agreed to participate is making many right wing members in United States, Latin America, Spain, and the world unhappy and angry.

Fifteen artists from six different countries have answered the call to celebrate peace and music from Juanes and Miguel Bose, founders of "Peace Without Borders" The artists will not be charging a fee for their performance.

The participants include Amaruy Perez (Cuba), Danny Rivera (Puerto Rico), Juan Fernando Velasco (Ecuador), Jovanotti (Italy), Juanes (Colombia), Luis Eduardo Aute (Spain), Miguel Bosé (Spain), Olga Tañón (Puerto Rico), Orisha, Silvio Rodrigues, X Alfonso, Los Van Van, Carlos Varela (Cuba), Víctor Manuel (Spain), CuCu Diamantes and Yerba Buena (US and Cuba).

All artists have agreed to perform just their most popular songs and that the concert will not present political messages of any nature. There will be no presenters on stage – just music performers. The concert organizers have requested that the artists and the audience wear all white attire to symbolize peace.

A total of 128 people including artists, musicians, management and technical staff will travel to Havana to stage the concert. Additionally, more than 160 journalists from across the globe have been credentialed to cover the concert.

Concierto Paz Sin Fronteras will be transmitted live via satellite through Cuban television and the signal can be used freely without restriction in any country and through any television channel, website or radio station that makes a request. In United States, the Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network, HITN. TV, will broadcast the concert

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